Documenting your child’s growth
with loved ones through Roo

Documenting your child’s growth
with loved ones through Roo


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We were tasked with creating a mobile application for, an application in which parents were able to create a digital scrapbook of memories with their child and complete an online screening of the child's developmental progress. In this redesign, we did a massive rehaul of the application's structure, branding, and interactions.


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5 Weeks

Interface Design Course

University of Washington

What I did

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UI/UX Design


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Screening in disguise

Being new to parenthood can be an amazing experience, but also terrifying one. Especially if you’re a new parent juggling a job, multiple kids, and the everyday responsibilities of adulthood. But what do you do if you notice your child is different from their peers?

Early detection is key for ensuring the best outcomes for children, and the best way to that is regular developmental screening up until the age of five. was created in order to help these new parents integrate screening as a daily part of their lives through a digital scrapbook.

old screenshot

First impressions from parents old and new

We wanted to so some user testing on the existing website to uncover prominent pain points and any opportunities for the mobile app version to lend it self as a useful and accessible tool. We asked participants to do some task exercises, card sorting, and interviewed them about their impressions and parenthood.

Pain points

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Lost connections between menu items and actions/content

Uncertainty about data visualizations

Positive impressions about purpose of tool but less confidence in regular and continued usage

Important to keep in mind: 

User goals

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To be incentivized and engaged to regularly use and consequently screen their child for potential developmental risk.

To feel informed about their chld’s developmental state and the next steps to take if an issue occurs.

To gather datapoints for screening about their child even when they’re not able to be with the child directly.

Information architecture

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One of our main findings from the initial user research was the problem of information overload and flow. We started tackling this by creating a new sitemap to provide us with a basis of structure in addition to organizing features and actions in a more intuitive way. 

Upon user testing later on, we ended up significantly moving around the sub-categories. However, beginning with a visualization of structure and flow earlier on helped us make a relatively smoother transition when we had to pivot.

iteration screens

Does it have to be cute?

To brand a product about children, but used by adults, we struggled represent that balance visually. Eventually, we were able to reach a compromise: the UI became flat, minimal, and monochrome but was balanced by prominent usage of our mascot Roo in many informative llustrations.

Missed connections

Upon user testing our prototype, we realized that we had failed create an intuitive strucutre and flow in our initial IA as our users were not able to make the connection between certain features and tabs.

Having worked under our own assumptions more than halfway through the quarter, this was eye-opening for us. We ultimately made the decision to make some last-minute structural changes to better suit user expectations.

Introducing Roo

Roo is a digital scrapbooking application where parents and other carers in a child's life can stay updated on the child and their developmental progress. 

In Timeline, carers are able to add "memories" with the child through photos or text. Through the completion of Milestones and Activities, a carer can review how a child’s skills are developing in key categories, and is notified if a particular skill area is on track, requires more encouragement, or needs evaluation by a medical professional.

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My role 

My main responsibilities were within the ‘Create Memories’ tab and the ‘Milestones’ tab in which I was in charge of design, consistency, prototyping for those tabs.

This project was also a personal exercise in design leadership and project management through coordinating responsibilities amongst members and keep the team on track.

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