Empowering enthusiastic
home owners at Redfin

Empowering enthusiastic
home owners at Redfin


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I was a Product Design Intern at Redfin, a real-estate website and brokerage with the Owner Engagement team. The products I worked on focused on retaining home owners and keeping them engaged with tools to track their estimate, stay updated on the housing market, and plan for the future. While I can’t show specfic work yet, this is what I learned from my experience there.


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10 Weeks

Summer 2018 Internship


What I did

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User Research


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When I got my offer, I was renting out a living room.

As a college student bouncing around dorms and apartments every year, buying a home was pretty far off my radar. However, it proved to be a learning experience in being empathetic in a field that I found foreign, and helped me focus on the importance of user research and testing.

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In my 10 weeks, I did a lot (and posted on my story).

On team Owner Engagement, I worked with one other senior designer, one project manager, and many devs. I’m grateful that my manager and team were flexible to give me projects that reached my internship goals like user research/testing, seeing projects through implementation and QA, and larger projects that gave me full reign over design direction and concept.

Working at a company the size of Redfin means that there’s still a ton of work to be done. Not only did I get to work on real and meaty projects that were scheduled for the quarter, but I also got a lot of experience balancing business and design goals to come up with a MVP that both sides were proud of. (Even did some PM-y stuff!)

...And I'm still there!

...And I'm still there!

I was fortunate enough to be brought back onto the same team after my internship as a part-time Product Designer while I finish up my senior year. I’m currently working through some implementation and QA for projects I finished during my internship and other exciting projects we have lined up for the next couple quarters.

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